Bacon-Wrapped Thanksgiving Ideas

Everything is better with bacon
Bacon-Wrapped Stuffing


Your guests will be begging you for these recipes.

Let’s be honest, everything is better with a little bit of bacon. Its juicy and salty flavoring adds an extra element to any simple dish, making it the perfect ingredient to incorporate into your traditional Thanksgiving recipes. We’ve compiled three unbelievable bacon-wrapped dishes for a bacon-filled Thanksgiving dinner.

Bacon-Wrapped Pears

For a sweet, salty appetizer, serve these roasted sweet pears wrapped in succulent bacon. The pears are basted with bacon grease, leaving them extra juicy and full of flavor. Wrap these pears with maple bacon to compliment the honey and natural sugar found in the roasted pears.

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Bacon-Wrapped Stuffing

Give your stuffing extra crunchy, juicy flavoring by making little stuffing balls wrapped with crispy, sizzling bacon strips. Serve these bacon-wrapped balls as a Thanksgiving appetizer or in place of your typical stuffing.

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Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

Spice up your classic roasted turkey recipe by adding strips of bacon to the top of the bird. The end result looks beautiful and it tastes even better.  

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