America’s Favorite Halloween Candy (Slideshow)

The 30 top candies we love for trick-or-treating

30. Mike and Ike

The war waging between Mike and Ike may have come to an end, but that didn’t save them from being the last to make our top 30. This fruity, chewy candy has been delighting trick-or-treaters since 1940 and the original flavors included cherry, orange, lemon, strawberry and lime.

29. Sour Patch Kids

"First they're sweet, and then they’re sour." With gummy sugary insides coated with tart exteriors, these candies grew so popular with the help of the mischievous gummy mascots that wreak havoc with a smile. 

28. Charms Blow Pops

With hard candy on the outside, chewy bubble gum on the inside, this treat is always a favorite come Halloween. What kid wouldn’t be jazzed about getting two candies for the price of one?

27. PayDay

Talk about a rewarding candy! This delicious treat combines the salty zing of peanuts with the decadent sweet of soft caramel for a truly filling snack.  

26. Gummy Worms

With neon colors and a slightly disconcerting appearance, these squishy gummy treats are perfect for Halloween. Though they may not be top on our list, you have to love how they pack two flavors into one tasty treat.

25. Hershey's Bar

More than a century old and Hershey’s still has it. Though they are a parent company to many other delectable sweets, you can’t argue with a classic. The solid chocolate bar has grown to incorporate many different varieties, but there will always be something about getting a Hershey Bar in your treat bag that makes it a Halloween must-have. 

24. Laffy Taffy

What kid wouldn’t love eating neon-colored candy expertly wrapped in a joke? These crafty taffies are great for kids looking to last a while longer on their trick-or-treat route, as they take a bit of effort to read and chew while making your rounds. 

23. Swedish Fish

With a distinct flavor all their own, Swedish Fish are still a classic favorite kids love to get in their bag. Crossing the line somewhere between licorice and gummy worm, these addictive little candies are great to hand out during the Halloween season.

22. Jolly Ranchers

A hard candy loaded with juicy flavor, this treat was always tough to keep in the bag for very long. After all, even parents want to swipe this poppable candy!

21. Milky Way

You have to have respect for the decadent Milky Way combination of chocolate, caramel, and nougat. After all, the candy bar named after the delicious 1920s malted milkshake is considered America’s first filled candy bar. Considered an overnight success, this delicious candy has remained one of America’s most beloved candies since 1923!

20. Lifesavers

In 1912, these tasty candies were all about refreshing breath. But by 1935 America was ready for some flavor, and Wrigley’s rolled out the 5 flavor pack, which eventually became especially perfect for putting in trick-or-treater’s candy bags!

19. Werther's Original

Admittedly, America borrowed this favorite from our European brethren. In the small European village of Werther, candy-maker Gustav Nebel pulled together an irresistible blend of buttery, smooth caramel that would have a place in candy dishes for decades to come.

18. Twix

We don’t care if this candy is feuding with itself. That chocolaty, crunchy, cookie-like candy bar is enough to make us trick-or-treat into our early 30s sans kids. Left cookie, right cookie — who cares? So long as it makes an appearance in our treat bags we are totally satisfied.

17. Chiclets

This candy is considered the first candy-coated gum, and some of America's favorite Halloween fun came from these guys making an appearance in a Halloween treat bag. After all, you can’t make goofy buck teeth without the help of some good old-fashioned Chiclets.

16. Baby Ruth

Sloth from The Goonies was onto something: this hearty bar full of candy favorites is one of the most beloved on the block. After all, it doesn’t get any more American than a candy named after one of America’s greatest ball players, Babe Ruth!

15. Jelly Belly

Easter isn’t the only time Americans like to enjoy jelly beans. We especially love the creepy flavor collection Jelly Belly offers — which is perfect for unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. 

14. Almond Joy

Almond Joy has been around since the1940s and came about after his nut-free sibling Mounds hit the market in the early 1900s. The duo was made most famous by the jingle "sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t," to sell both of these coconut, chocolate-covered bars in tandem. 

13. M&M's

With a cast of adorable characters and enough colors to make up a real rainbow, M&M’s also make an appearance in the candy bowl. Since 1941 these bite-sized chocolates have evolved into one of the most iconic candies in American culture. 

12. Butterfinger

Who doesn’t remember Bart Simpson warning everyone not to lay a finger on his Butterfinger? Originally, this candy was invented by Chicago’s Curtiss Candy Company in 1923, and was sold to Nestlé in 1990. Nestlé proclaims 2013 the candy’s 90-ish anniversary —but with a candy as tasty as Butterfinger, who’s counting anyway

11. Wrigley's Doublemint Gum

Admittedly, you wouldn’t think a breath freshener would make it onto a Halloween candy list. But if you’re good enough to be in business since 1914, it is probably fair to say that you earned your spot in the candy bowl.

10. SweeTARTS

It isn’t too often that we are rewarded with a food inspired by a novel. SweeTARTS from the Wonka brand actually have a tumultuous history, involving patent licensing issues and questions about the real origin behind the creative name. But no matter how you slice the sweets, these treats are still a popular treat come Halloween!

9. KitKat

What was initially launched in London in 1935 as "Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp" and later renamed KitKat Chocolate Crisp, then became KitKat after WWII. No one is certain where the name came from, but it’s thought to be named after the 1920s famous KitKat Club. What we do know is that Americans still love that crispy wafer and will be able to whistle its jingle at the drop of a hat. 

8. Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum

Wrigley had been selling chewing gum for a long time, but Hubba Bubba was its first shot at bubble gum in 1979. 

7. Starburst

While this "inexplicably juicy" candy got its start in the U.K. under the name Opal Fruits, by 1984 this tasty taffy-like candy exploded onto the sweet scene. By 1998 Starburst became a global brand and has evolved with interesting fruity flavors that make holidays like Halloween especially sweet!

6. Twizzlers

Even as far back as 1845, Twizzlers licorice whips were a favorite among the masses — heck even the 13th U.S. president Millard Fillmore reportedly kept a secret stash of them in his desk! It wasn’t until 1994 after they were acquired by Hershey that we got the "pull and peel" strips that are enjoyed by candy lovers everywhere.

5. Skittles

Coming in as the top five favorite American candy, Skittles hit the scene in 1979. The chewy candies with a colorful candy shell come in a variety of flavors and themes, though we prefer the classic for our Halloween treat. 

4. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Is there anything more magical than the marriage of peanut butter and chocolate? Reese's Cups (and heck all Reese's products) are not only one of America’s favorite candies to eat, but they are also one of America’s favorite things to bake with! Getting a ton of them in your trick-or-treat bag, or getting the opportunity to swipe them from your kid’s bag, is one of the many joys of Halloween gives us. 

3. Bazooka

Is it any wonder that a classic like Bazooka would still be a fan favorite after decades of production? This super fun gum even came with a mini-comic, Joe and the Gang, which always made for an extra-special treat during Halloween!

2. Tootsie Pops

When Tootsie Rolls were coated in a hard candy shell, the world asked itself just one question: how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? While it remains the country’s top-selling candy-filled lollipop, the world may truly never know... 

1. Snickers

America’s favorite Halloween treat is the decadent, chocolaty, nutty candy: the Snickers bar. It makes sense, as Snickers is one of the top-selling candies in the country and has had a long history of successful variations that include everything from energy bars to tasty ice cream. So if you want to give the neighborhood kids what they really want this Halloween, make sure you slip a lot of Snickers into your candy bowl!