9 Food-Themed Pet Costumes for Halloween (Slideshow)

Take a look at these tasty finds for your furry friends

Candy Corn Pet Hats

Don’t these adorable buddies just look thrilled to be wearing these candy corn hats? These simple, candied headbands are perfect for all types of furry friends. Just make sure their Halloween hats are comfortably secure so you don’t have their hat turned into a chew toy.

Banana Split

This Dalmation looks so adorable dressed as a banana split. This ice cream costume isn't too restricting, so it's a great option if your furry friend doesn't like to be dressed up.


What dog doesn’t love bacon? Heck, what person doesn’t love bacon? Keep your puppy looking crisp with a bacon suit that will make the other dogs sizzle with jealousy.

A Cupcake Pup

What could be sweeter than this little cupcake pug? With a great hat and a cute pink body suit, this little dessert makes this puppy look like a total sweetheart.

A Hot Dog

Don’t get any funny ideas, the dog in that bun is not meant for eating, even though this little pooch looks scrumptious in it. This is a classic costume for puppies, but what is especially great about this find is that it will keep your canine companion warm in the cold fall evenings.


We wish all mustard bottles would look this cute. Serve your puppy with a family dressed as a burger and fries on Halloween.

I Can Has Cheezburger?

Why yes you can little kitty, you can. For your very own funny cat, get your kitty this hamburger headband. They may not be happy about it, but be sure to snap enough pictures to give grumpy burger cat a run for his money.

A Pumpkin Pooch

Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without a pumpkin costume. The seasonal getup will look great on your puppy and is perfect for fall-weather dress-up.

Carrot Top

For a cat that just can’t handle the confinement of a sweater, this knitted top will definitely get your kitty in the Halloween spirit. Orange tabby owners should especially seriously consider this costume option!