8 New Ways To Eat Peeps

Marshmallow Peeps are easily our favorite Easter candy. We're always on the lookout for new ways to fit them into our lives before Easter weekend is over and they disappear for another year. These are our eight favorite ways to eat Peeps right now.

Peeps Brownies

Using your favorite brownie recipe, or boxed brownie mix, do as you normally do, but just before you put the batter in the oven, drop in a handful of your favorite marshmallow Peeps. Their bright little bodies will be literally peeping through the batter when you cut into your chocolaty brownies.

Peeps Chocolate Fondue

Swap the strawberries, chopped fruit, and pound cake you normally use for your chocolate fondue for a selection of Peeps. These neon marshmallows are so delicious when doused in melted chocolate.

Peeps Cocktails

We all love having a garnish on our cocktails, whether it's lemon rind, a maraschino cherry, or a decorative umbrella. But Peeps are bound to be the best cocktail decoration ever: Select the color Peep that best matches your drink, cut a small slit half way up the height of it, and slot the Peep on to the rim of your glass!

Peeps Cupcakes

Turn those Easter cupcakes into double Peeps cupcakes. Firstly, you need to make a marshmallow Peeps-inspired frosting, and then you need to adorn the cupcake with an extra Peep. To make the sweet frosting, beat together ¼ cup soft butter and 2 cups powdered sugar until fluffy. Add in 1 teaspoon vanilla extract and 7 ounces marshmallow crème. Beat until combined. Pipe on to the cupcakes and adorn with your favorite Peep.

Peeps Hot Chocolate

Replace those normal white and pink marshmallows that are floating on top of your ultimate hot chocolate with some Easter Peeps. The sight of these bright little creatures sitting on your favorite mug of cocoa will definitely make you smile.

Peeps Pancakes

Peeps pancakes are easily our favorite Easter breakfast. Simply chop up (yes, it's hard to destruct them like this, but it's worth it, we promise) your Peeps into small chunks, and stir them into the pancake batter. Bright, melting nuggets of marshmallow Peeps will soon be tucked away in your stack of pancakes.

Peeps Pops

Turn those Peeps into chocolate pops! Insert a lollipop stick into each Peep, melt some chocolate — whether it's dark, milk, or white is completely up to you — and dip in the Peep on a stick. Decorate with sprinkles or chocolate chips, or keep them as simple Peeps silhouettes with no extra sugar on them. Set on baking parchment until the chocolate has set.

Peep Sushi

A Japanese-inspired way to eat Peeps: Peepshi! Cut your Rice Krispies Treats into a small, thin, rectangle, just big enough for your Peep to sit on top of. Place your chosen Peep on the treat. Finally, to make sure your Peep is securely attached to its base, cut a long, thin piece of Fruit by the Foot and wrap it around the Peep and the Rice Krispies base. Seal the Fruit by the Foot back onto itself by dabbing the end of it with water. This is definitely the best new way to eat Peeps.