7 Hilarious 'Elf on the Shelf' Pranks

Make the holidays a little more magical (or funny) with these “Elf on the Shelf” pranks

These mischievous elves will put a smile on your face!


Holiday Arson

Hide your gingerbread houses from this mischievous elf!


Party Animal

Make sure you lock your beer fridge this holiday season...


Sun Bathing

For when the Elf on the Shelf needs a little “me time.”


Holiday, uh, Treat

So THAT is how those cookies are made...


Water the Tree

Uh, Elf, we don’t think the Christmas tree appreciates that.


Bath Time

A marshmallow bubble bath is exactly what Elf needed.

(Facebook/Elf On the Shelf Ideas)

Candy Coma

This is what happens when you OD on candy.


(Facebook/Elf on the Shelf Ideas)