62 Percent of Us Make More Mistakes with Pie Than with Turkey, and Other Things We Learned about America’s Thanksgiving Plans

A third of Americans admitted to eating pie before the main course during a past Thanksgiving

Nearly all of America will eat a slice of pie on Thanksgiving, a nationwide survey shows.

At least 62 percent of Americans find pie more difficult to master than turkey on Thanksgiving, according to a national survey conducted on behalf of Sara Lee. To disguise that, more than half (51 percent) of millennials have passed off a store-bought pie as their own, as have a third of Americans overall.

As for help in the kitchen, nearly half (49 percent) of Americans with partners would rather call a confidential pie help hotline, like Sara Lee’s (at 1-888-914-1247), than consult their mother-in-law for help with something on Thanksgiving, like a broken pie crust — which 50 percent of Americans can’t repair on their own.

And yet, these pie troubles aren’t enough to discourage Americans from actually eating pie on Thanksgiving — an estimated 90 percent of the country will indeed eat pie this Thursday, and probably for a few days after.


More than a third of Americans have even eaten pie before the main course, and nearly two thirds (61 percent) will eat a minimum of two pies during the holiday. Pumpkin is the most popular flavor, of course, followed by pecan, apple, sweet potato, cherry, and blueberry.