5 Weight-Loss New Year's Resolutions You Shouldn't Even Think About Making

Every year, people make a New Year's resolution to lose weight. But which resolutions aren't even worth considering when it comes to health and weight loss? Here are 5 that shouldn't even be considered.

 "I vow to give up all sweets."

Like, why? First of all, life will be much sadder. Second of all, deprivation really doesn't get you far in your dieting. In fact, you're likely to relapse into your unhealthy eating ways if you cut out something completely. There are plenty of healthy desserts to help you get your fill and stay on track!

 "This year will be the year I cut out all carbs!"

You need carbs for fuel. Plus, there are recipes and foods out there that are loaded with carbs that can still help you lose weight.

 "I'm not going to diet, I'm just going to exercise more"

The whole "calories in, calories out" thing doesn't exactly apply to anyone. So if you're looking to lose weight in 2015 just by exercising, you could get your metabolic rate checked first!

 "I'm going to use all gluten-free products this year!"

Uh, why? Unless there is a medical reason to go gluten-free (i.e. Celiac disease) there is no reason to cut gluten completely from your diet, especially because not all gluten-free products are healthy

 "I'm doing a juice cleanse, like once a month."

Please don't. The concept of "cleansing" technically works in the short term, but the weight you lose is all water weight. You need proteins, fats, and a certain caloric intake to survive! Juicing is a great way to get in healthy fruits and vegetables, but it certainly shouldn't replace every meal.