5 Really Cool Ways to Make Your Christmas Cookies

Make an impression with these simple decorating ideas for your holiday cookies

Be inspired by everyday items around the house!


Crystal Cookies

If you happen to have some decorative glasses in your home, put them to work on your Christmas cookies! Use glasses with a detailed bottom to stamp out elegant cookie designs. Sprinkle sugar carefully into the impressions and you’ll instantly have delicate sugar cookies that look like snowflakes.


Candy Cane Cookies

Divide two batches of sugar cookie dough and add red food coloring to one of them. Break off a piece of each colored dough and roll them into long strips. Twist them together and bend the top of the dough to make a candy cane shape for a simple and beautiful cookie!


Stencil Cookies

Love a nice design, but don’t consider yourself artistic enough to draw one out? Use a small stencil and powdered sugar to make dainty and gorgeous decorations for your holiday cookies.

Etsy/Stencil Direct

Actual Stamps

If you’re looking to get lettering into your cookies or want a super intricate design, just use a clean rubber stamp to make impressions in your cookies.


Fork-get About It

Don’t have times to do a ton of bells and whistles? Use the prongs of your forks or the decorated edges of the fork to impress a rippled edge on your cookies for a designed trim.