5 Homemade Edible Gifts For Your Significant Other

Getting gifts for your significant other is always a huge struggle during the holidays. Both of you want to give gifts from the heart without breaking the bank. Edible, homemade gifts are thoughtful and personal. They represent a level of effort that goes beyond anything you could find in a store. Use our guide to figure out which homemade gift is perfect for your lover!

The Gift for the Chill Couple

For the couple that's comfortable lounging around in sweat pants all day and watching Netflix together, cookie dough logs are a great gift. Simply whip up their favorite cookie dough, refrigerate it until firm, and wrap it tightly in plastic wrap for an edible log. You can spend your Christmas baking these yummy cookies or simply eating the dough together while you watch Elf.

The Gift for the Dessert Lover

Homemade red velvet cupcakes in jars look like Christmas and taste amazing. Simply alternate layering red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting in a mason jar for a cute DIY dessert. Don't forget to tie a red ribbon around your jar for a more festive look.

The Gift for the New Couple

Christmas is an awkward time to start a relationship because you don't want to go too crazy with gifts, but you still need to give your new significant other something. Chocolate covered strawberries are easy to make, and are adorable Christmas presents. Gift these with a bottle of Champagne for a romantic gift.

The Gift for Your Sophisticated Other

If your significant other loves to cook elaborate meals, homemade infused olive oils are an impressive, sophisticated present. Make lemon olive oil, chile olive oil, thyme olive oil, or garlic olive oil by simply adding the ingredient into the olive oil and bottling it with a cute cork. Here are some recipes to test out.

The Gift to Spice Things Up

Looking for something that will really make a splash? Try making a pitcher of homemade sangria from scratch! The sangria will taste amazing, and will really loosen you and your partner up, so you can get to know each other better. It also has the added bonus of looking beautiful on any holiday table.