5 Best Food Gifts for Your Dog

Your pup will eat these up!
Get your furry friend a great gift this holiday season.


As a member of the family, dogs deserve a nice holiday, too! If they’ve been a good boy or girl this year, treat them to one of these special gifts and their tails will be wagging in no time!

Pickled Pup

Ok, so this is probably more for you than the dog. But a fun food sweater will give your dog the swagger it always dreamed of. Right? Right.


Ice Cream Collar

Another fashionable choice, this dog collar is great for dogs with a sweet personality.



With this ice cream kit, you can make you dogs sweet pupsicle treats that they will love and can eat safely!


Puppy Bon-Bons

These bon-bons are so tasty looking, you best warn the people not to eat them!


Pretzel Plush

There are a lot of “people foods” dogs can’t enjoy, so give them a plush version instead! This pretzel plush is perfect for safe nibbling!