5 Baby Bibs for Thanksgiving (Slideshow)


Turkey Towel

Bring on the gravy for the baby! This adorable little outfit-saver is not only fun — it's functional, too. We love how the quilted-top pattern flows into an adorable terrycloth bib complete with little pockets for the extra drippings!

Available for $10.50.

'Bee' Thankful.

This adorable little bib is a great reminder (and who are we kidding, a great accessory) to any Thanksgiving Day table. The little pilgrim bee is almost as cute as your little one wearing it!

Available for $12.

Southern Fun

Who doesn’t love a baby with a fun personality? For a baby who has a natural swagger, this cute little bib is perfect for a few laughs around the turkey table.

Available for $12.

A New Mantra

Seriously, this should just be the slogan for Thanksgiving. We know your tike is only stuffing his face with baby food, but we love the play on the holiday and think it would be perfect for your little gobbler.

Available for $8.50.

Goofy Turkey

We aren't sure who will get a kick out of this little bib more — your kid or your guests! Looking into those big, silly eyes we can already hear the "ohhs" and "ahhs" around the table.

Available for $10.99.