Kissing Christmas couple


4 Ways to Make the Most of Your First Married Christmas

Establish memories and traditions to last your whole life this holiday
Kissing Christmas couple


Make your first married Christmas romantic, fun, and memorable with these tips!

There’s nothing quite like being a newlywed. You’re more in love than ever before, you just got to throw a great party with all of your family and friends, and you and your new spouse can finally officially start living your lives as a new family unit.

But just because you and your partner have finally said “I do” doesn’t mean that the celebration ends — it’s actually just beginning. One way to keep the romance going and establish yourself as a new family is to really dive into your first married holiday together. Want to know how to make your first married Christmas the best one ever? Try these four tips to make this holiday extra magical:

Exchange Gifts, Just the Two of You

Save the big Christmas gatherings for gift exchanges between you and the rest of your family members. To make your married holiday extra intimate, set aside one night before Christmas for just the two of you and exchange gifts. Light a fire in your fireplace, wear your coziest pajamas, and eat some finger foods to have a stress-free, fun night in.

Get a Commemorative Ornament

The easiest way to mark an occasion at Christmastime is with — what else? — an ornament. Whether you decide to go with something classic or something more modern and whimsical, marking this very first Christmas with an ornament will help you remember being newlyweds for many Christmases to come.

Shop Together

There’s no denying that Christmas shopping can be beyond stressful, but try to make a day out of it —or, better yet, a date. Window shop together, have a long lunch, and wrap up the day by going on another fun wintery activity like ice skating or going to look at Christmas lights. Not only will you be spending quality time together, but you can drop hints about what you want for a nice little bonus.

Start a New Tradition Together

Make your new family truly all your own by starting a new tradition together. Maybe you decide to watch Christmas Vacation while you decorate the tree; or you decorate gingerbread houses the Saturday before Christmas and have a competition; or you make a hearty chili together to eat on Christmas Eve. No matter what you decide to do, start something unique for just you two that you can continue for years to come.