4 Truly Touching Thanksgiving Videos

Bring on the feels. These Thanksgiving videos will warm your heart and bring a tear to your eye

Your heart will melt from these Thanksgiving videos


Head of the Table

Cue the tears! This commercial focuses on the Thanksgiving toast, given by three different families at three different points in their lives. It is truly moving to hear and see.



A Thanksgiving Feast

Two friends spending the morning making Thanksgiving dinner for one lucky homeless person. When they found their guy, you won’t believe what they did for him...



A Tiny Thanksgiving

Ok, ok. Maybe this isn’t move-you-to-tears emotional, but it really will warm your heart to see these tiny little creatures enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together!


A Giving Veteran

When you see what this homeless vet does for someone who he thinks is in a bad spot, too, you’ll lose it.