3 Most Adorable Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies are expected at any holiday party or dinner. We love our classic sugar cookie recipes, but let's try decorating them with these fun, easy ideas. Your kids will love getting their hands dirty to design their own snowmen and snowflakes on the cookies. Decorating cookies is also a perfect snow-day activity for the family. Typically, sugar cookies are simply decorated with melted butter and sprinkles. Try giving them a new makeover with these creative ideas.

Candy Cane Cookies

This is a classic, easy way to make cute candy cane shaped sugar cookies. Just split the sugar cookie dough in half and dye half of the dough with red food coloring. Then roll it into long strands, and twist the strands together, alternating between red and colorless. Bend the top into a hook to make a candy cane-shaped cookie.

Snowflake Cookie

Take your buttercream frosting and dye it a light blue with blue food coloring. After you've frosted your circle cookies light blue, take a snowflake stencil and sprinkle coconut flakes into the stencil. You'll be surprised how quick and easy it is to create glistening coconut snowflakes. They also add an unexpected sweetness to your sugar cookies that your guests will love.

Snowman Cookies

This is the perfect activity for you and your kids to do on a snowy evening. Bake gingerbread man cookies and then decorate them using white frosting. Have everyone decorate their own snowmen with black sprinkles for scarfs, miniature chocolate chips for eyes, and orange jelly beans for a carrot nose.