3 Hanukkah Foods You Need To Try Even If You're Not Jewish

There are currently 16 million Jews in the world, yet many people have never experienced anything in relation to the Jewish culture. As one of the oldest religions, Judaism has survived by preserving tradition and core values. At the heart of these traditions is celebrating holidays with friends and family members, while eating delicious traditional foods.  

Even if you're not Jewish, you should try making these Hanukkah dishes. Not only do they taste incredible, but you'll be teaching your family an important cultural lesson and expanding their culinary knowledge. Try making one of these delicious dishes for your next dinner to teach everyone a little more about Judaism.


Potato Pancakes are one of the best parts of Hanukkah. These crispy little latkes can be made in so many different ways to give you a crunchy, soft, sweet, or savory treat. They taste delectable with apple sauce or sour cream on top, making them the perfect thing to snack on while you're cooking. The Hanukkah story talks about the miracle of oil that lasted eight days and eight nights, which is represented by the oily latkes.  

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Noodle Kugel

This noodle casserole can be served as a dessert or as a side dish for any dinner. It either takes the savory route by combining cheese, potatoes, onions, and eggs, or it takes a sweet one with various fruits, pudding, and raisins. Serve this any night of the week or as a breakfast casserole for your next brunch.

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This pastry is made with cream-cheese enriched dough, which is wrapped around a gooey jam for an incredible dessert. We've outlined step-by-step how to roll your own rugelach so you can create this Jewish dessert at home. Rugelach is actually a popular treat that is enjoyed all over Eastern Europe. Though each country has its favorite version of this pastry, we love this recipe filled with blackberry jam and crystalized ginger.

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