3 Awesome Food Menorahs We Wished We Made Eight Days Ago!

Celebrate the last day of the festival of lights!

What better way to celebrate the end of Hanukkah than with a sushi menorah?

Just because the eight days of Hanukkah are ending, doesn’t mean the holiday spirit stops here! Make these fun edible menorahs with your kids for an awesome cultural activity. You could also serve them at any holiday party to make sure no one is feeling left out by all of the Christmas décor! Making menorahs out of any kind of food is so much fun, but these are some of the best we’ve seen.

Cupcake Menorah

Make a pull-apart menorah out of cupcakes for a Hanukkah dessert. Use blue-frosted cupcakes for the base and white-frosted cupcakes for the candles. Line up nine yellow-frosted cupcakes to act as the lights for each candle. This cupcake menorah will be a cute, delicious dessert to serve at any holiday party.

Sushi Menorah

This menorah uses different sushi rolls to create an incredible sushi boat that resembles a menorah. By turning some of the rolls on their sides, the menorah has black seaweed alternating with the white rice rolls to create a culinary masterpiece. With some fresh, raw salmon candles, who wouldn’t want to snack on this menorah for Hanukkah?

Vegetable Menorah[slideshow:1651352]


Have your kids make their own menorahs out of healthy vegetables for a nutritious Hanukkah snack. Asparagus makes the perfect candles because their tips look like little flames. Use stacked green beans and carrots for the base for a colorful menorah. Teach your kids about the significance of the menorah as they build and consume their vegetable masterpieces.