25 Best Towns for Trick-Or-Treating from 25 Best Towns for Trick-Or-Treating

25 Best Towns for Trick-Or-Treating

Ravi Bangaroo

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25 Best Towns for Trick-Or-Treating

We began our search for America’s top 25 spots by looking at the country’s most family-friendly towns. After identifying at least one such town in every state, we narrowed the list according to relative safety, calculated according to crime rates and number of registered sex offenders in each municipality. Next, we looked at each town’s scheduled community events around Halloween, from fall festivals to community parties. Finally, we looked at each town’s Zillow “walkability rating” to determine which would be the easiest for little trick-or-treaters to navigate. Our top towns were those with the best longstanding Halloween traditions, as well as the highest safety and walkability ratings.

Our list differs from last year’s in several ways. First, when going through the most family-friendly towns in America, we looked at the top 80 towns this year, compared to just 50 last year. This broadened the scope of the cities we considered, making for a more comprehensive list. Secondly, last year’s list did not evaluate each town’s walkability rating. Adding this factor allowed us to truly determine which towns, among the safest and most festive, are most accommodating to trick-or-treaters.