Mommy mogul


15 Moms Who Became Food Business Moguls

Turning motherhood into empires

There’s something particularly special about moms, isn’t there? "The ability to balance their careers, the needs and wants of their children, and their own creative interests makes these everyday women seem like complete and total superheroes.

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In honor of Mother’s Day, we compiled a list of mothers who have turned their passions and problems into bona fide empires. Despite raising families and facing innumerable challenges, these women have become titans in the food world, with restaurants, countless cookbooks, and innovative products that have changed the ways that families across the United States eat.

Of course, these aren’t the only mamas who rock, they’re just some of the women who are rocking it with their own businesses.

These 15 mothers have totally killed the game, using signature mom strength and know-how. From organic food companies to baby products to mommy and lifestyle blogs that turn into major businesses, these women are definitely moms you can look up to. (In addition to your own, of course.)

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