15 Gifts Your Grillmaster Dad Will Love

It can be hard to come up with the perfect gift for Dad on Father's Day. Sometimes, it seems likemost dads only really love three things at the end of the day: a big ol' hunk of meat, time spent outdoors with the beloved family, and a beer in hand. (Or maybe that's just our dad.) Luckily, Father's Day is at the start of summertime, so it coincides with peak grilling season. Thus, getting your dad a few gadgets for his grill just makes perfect sense.

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Whether your dad is a proud grillmaster who wants to brand his steaks, an expert in need of new burger inspiration, or an eager beginner who has a little trouble getting that charcoal grill started, there's a perfect gift in our guide for him.

From cast-iron skillets to meat claws to new grilling vessels like a pizza oven and smoker, there's something in here for dads of all grilling levels and for children with varying budgets.

If your dad is more of a grilling novice than a grilling expert, consider one of these 14 essential grilling tools as a Father's Day gift.