14 Grilling Tools Dad Absolutely Needs This Father's Day

Father's Day always coincides with peak grilling season, so it's no surprise that Dad's gifts are often focused on his favorite summertime cooking method. If your dad is always that man who spends every summer cookout protectively guarding the grill, making sure no one else tries to disturb his rigorous, meticulous cooking methods, then your Father's Day shopping just got a whole lot easier. Help him perfect those burgers, learn some new grilling skills, and improve his barbecuing technique with these top gifts.

14 Grilling Tools Dad Absolutely Needs This Father's Day (Slideshow)

If he is in need of some basic grilling tools to make his burger flipping easier, ensure the meat is cooked through, and to stop him continuously burning his hands every time he tries to turn those skewers, then your Father's Day gifts are obvious. Kit Dad out with some long-handled tongs, sturdy barbecue gloves, and a metal grill spatula to make his favorite summer cooking method, easier, better, and safer.

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If you feel like you've exhausted all possible grill-gifting options over the years, then think again. You may have given Dad all the obvious essentials, but there are some totally unessential — but suitably wonderful — barbecue-related gifts that this summer cooking-obsessed man needs. From a vertical chicken roaster (turning beer-can chicken into a sophisticated cooking method) to a monogrammed barbecue brander (so he can leave his own mark on every piece of meat that comes off that grill), be assured that our suggestions below will include something Dad doesn't have, but that he definitely wants.