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China: "Chung Chiu" Moon Festival

Families gather on the 15th day of the eighth lunar cycle to celebrate the autumn harvest. The Chinese reunite with family for a large three-day feast featuring mooncakes sweet cakes filled with sesame seeds, ground lotus seeds, and duck eggs embossed with a baker's insignia. The mooncake's center is filled with a salty yolk (an acquired taste) to represent the full moon. Families and friends often exchange them as a sign of unity and peace.

Celebrate at Home: Chinese mooncakes are an extremely hard delicacy to make, in fact many Chinese people buy them from bakeries already prepped. Challenge yourself with one of the recipes above, one for every skill level. Alternatively, bake something more familiar, like a cookie or a cake, in the shape of a moon. Click here for some kid-friendly ideas to get you started.