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10 Romantic Holidays That Aren't Valentine's Day

Forget Feb. 14 — give one of these unique holidays a try instead

Ask anyone what the most romantic day of the year is, and they’ll probably tell you it’s Valentine’s Day. Feb. 14 traditionally set aside to honor the Catholic martyr Saint Valentine, who also happens to be the patron saint of affianced couples, happy marriages, and romantic love. Taking the theme of love into account, the holiday has since evolved beyond the church to celebrate romantic relationships.

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But let’s be real. Not everyone always remembers this particular holiday. Despite endless jewelry and chocolate commercials, sometimes Feb. 14 comes and goes. If you happened to forget about Valentine’s Day, you don’t need to worry. There are plenty of other romantic and love-themed holidays throughout the year that you can celebrate with your significant other.

Sure, many of them, from Cuddle Up Day (Jan. 6) to International Kissing Day (June 6) are totally unofficial, but who’s to say what dictates when you celebrate your love?