10 Halloween Plates for Your Table Setting (SlideShow)

From cute to creepy, dress your table with décor you can eat off

Adorable Owl

Personalized and perfect for fall, this plate is perfect for a party featuring your curious little owls. You can create a non-scary Halloween table based off these potentially personalized plates, and use the fall forest as your table inspiration.

Available for $25. 

Frankenstein Plate

We couldn’t think of a cuter depiction for Halloween’s most misunderstood character. This adorable version of the "fierce" Frankenstein is great for a party centered on a miniature monster mash dinner where kids can dress up as their season favorite spooky monster.

Available for $18.

Ghost Plate

If you are setting a Halloween table for the easily spooked, these ghostly plates will make them rethink their fears. Shaped and designed to look like the cutest ghost in the world, this plate would look great on a table set for small ones against a vibrant orange tablecloth.

Available for $12.50. 

Cutie Cupcake

Forget the gruesome and bring on the adorable. These plates are perfect for a Halloween dessert party that your younger kids will eat up. Decorate the table with tons of bright fall colors that play off the plate and you can create a mini candyland for them to enjoy!

Available for $20.

Ouija Plate

Channel the other side with these subtly weird dinner plates. A style like this is perfect for a Halloween dinner party that is based around a séance theme. With a tablescape full of lit candles and dark linens, these plates would be the perfect accent to such a dark theme.

Available for $18.

Pick Your Poison

For a dinner of deadly proportions, set the table with these poisonous plates. These are an obvious choice for a murder mystery dinner and also double as a fantastic place card for guests.

Available for $65 for six.

Black Cat Plate

Every good witch has a familiar by her side and this black cat-themed plate is perfect for a "witches’ brew" party. Have guests arrive in their creepiest or even cutest witches costumes and settle into a magical evening. If you’d like, you can get these plates personalized for a nice take-away gift!

Available for $21.99.

Anatomy Plate

Freak friends out with these gothic-style anatomy plates. These small soup plates would look great for a steampunk, mad scientist dinner party. Paired with other unique serving choices like a beaker instead of a decanter for wine, you can turn your table into a bona fide edible laboratory.

Available for $76.25.

Personalized Silhouette

If you host an annual Halloween party and take a ton of pictures, these plates would be perfect for the next big bash. You can submit pictures of your costumed friends and family for these unique, coincidently creepy plates!

Available for $35.

Skull Plate

Disturbingly beautiful, this plate is perfect for capturing that eerie, almost Victorian look that just creepy enough to make you feel unsettled. These plates are made to order and can be mixed and matched with other styles to give each place setting a distinct style.

Available for $18.