10 Food Resolutions For The New Year

Every January, you swear that you're going to start exercising, whether for the whole year or just to lose that holiday weight, but how long do you actually stick to your resolution? After January passes, eating healthier becomes more challenging and you forget why you made your resolution in the first place. You wind up back where you started, eating whatever you want and avoiding the gym. #YOLO, right?

Wrong! Sometimes, resolving to make subtle changes and keeping them realistic has a much longer-lasting effect than making grander resolutions. Making huge life-changing resolutions can have great effects, but often times you give up on your goal after a few months or even a few weeks. Our food resolutions are simple, yet effective when practiced over time. For example, you don't have to swear off meat entirely to be healthier and help the environment, but you could dedicate one day a week to going meat-free.

Find your healthier food resolution to start 2016 off right. We've compiled 10 great, simple food resolutions that you should try to incorporate this upcoming year. Whether they involve cooking, planning dishes in advance, or eating out, we've found the best ways to keep you loving food and feeling good about yourself in 2016!