Holiday Whisky Pairing

Gentlemen, listen up: Chivas Regal wants you to think about scotch whisky as more than just an apéritif or part of an after-dinner cocktail. They want you to bring scotch to the main course. Working with the chef at Mews of Mayfair in London, Chivas has paired three scotch-based cocktails with three modern British dishes to excite and intrigue the palate.

To check out the recipes and learn more about enjoying whisky for the holidays, we chatted with Chivas to get the scoop on how to make your holiday a perfect match.

Can you tell us more about how to enjoy this three-piece flight?

There is a growing trend for people enjoying cocktails with their food, which is an exciting way to bring out the flavors in a specific dish and excite the palate. We worked closely with the talented chef at Mews of Mayfair to design dishes that would complement the smooth Chivas taste with seasonal flavors.

Can you tell us more about the food pairings?

Chivas 18-year is full of rich flavors, like chocolate, toffee, and dried fruits, so the food pairings harmonize these flavors along with the other unique flavors used in each dish. The Scarlet Pimpernel brings out the beetroot from the starter to emphasize the nuttiness and warmth of our Scotch whisky; the Aberdeen Flip features subtle flavors so as not to overpower the beef in the main, and The Orchard Sour combines almonds and orchard fruits to bring out the best of Christmas spices in the dessert.

What makes it perfect for the holidays?

The food and drink recipes are both full of seasonal flavors. There is rich beetroot, nuttiness, honey, cinnamon, and oranges throughout which epitomize the flavors of this time of year. The Aberdeen Flip is actually inspired by the traditional classic eggnog, which is popular during the festive season.

What are some more ways to make whisky accessible to a slightly whisky-wary crowd?

Chivas has multi-layered characteristics and flavors both with the 12-year, which is softer with mild vanilla spices and rich honey, or the 18-year, which offers more indulgent intensity along with deeper sherried aromas and Christmas spice undertones. These platforms allow the confident drinks maker to be creative in a number of ways, either by simply adding water to open up the aromas further and softening the alcohol or by adding some fresh citrus juice and peel along with cinnamon and cloves before warming to make a comforting seasonal concoction. 

What is the best toast to give while holding a whisky drink?

Chivas is best enjoyed when shared. Across the world, making a toast is a tradition which remains constant, despite local variations. The thing that remains common is a celebration of life and all those people who make it special, especially at Christmas time when families and friends come together, so the best toasts are the ones that celebrate the company of those around you.

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