The Holiday Gift Guide For Coffee And Tea Lovers

There's no better time than wintertime to drink espresso, coffee, and tea. So The Daily Meal rounded up the best coffee and tea presents that make even a quick cup of coffee taste a little bit sweeter.

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Consider these gifts the next step up from your average cup of coffee and tea. Whether it's a book that educates on the finer points of coffee (as we can only expect from Joe, the Art of Coffee), a travel pack to make a gourmet cup of coffee on the go, or a tea-infuser that gets rid of the mess of tea leaves, these gifts will transform your loved one from a novice to a connoisseur.

And of course, there's really no substitute for a fresh bag of coffee or a pack of tea bags for the holidays. Coffee snobs — er, we mean coffee connoisseurs — will appreciate a locally roasted coffee; others may really love that Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks holiday blend. (You get major gifter points if you buy the new $7-per-cup coffee bean from Starbucks, or the super premium $450 steel gift card from Starbucks, this Christmas.) For tea lovers, expand their horizons with a new tisane or blend they haven't tried (Teaologist is our personal choice for exciting new tisanes).

Click through our 10 coffee and tea gifts this holiday season — they'll truly warm up your loved ones this winter.