Far-Right Political Party Fights for Right to Use Hitler’s Munich Beer Hall

Munich beer hall where Hitler once spoke is having trouble keeping far-right politicians away


A Munich beer hall where Hitler spoke in 1919 is being sued by a far-right political party for the right to hold a meeting there.

A Munich beer garden where Hitler once gave a speech at the beginning of his political career is an attractive spot for some of today’s far-right political parties, and now one of them is suing for the right to assemble at the hall.

According to The Local, Hitler spoke at the Hofbräukeller beer hall in Munich in 1919. The beer hall is still operating today, and it has reportedly been used for meetings by political groups on several occasions, in spite of its historical association with Adolf Hitler.

Recently a far-right populist party, Alternative for Germany, had booked the hall for a meeting scheduled for May 13. This week, however, the beer hall’s landlord reconsidered and tried to cancel the event on the grounds that it would be bad for the hall’s reputation, and that he had concerns about security and possible counter-protests that the meeting might provoke.

Alternative for Germany has refused to find an alternative venue, however, and is suing the landlord for tens of thousands of euros in damages, or the right to have their meeting after all. The landlord is reportedly holding his ground and says the meeting will not be happening, and he’s willing to see the case go to court to prevent it.

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