The History Of The Arnold Palmer

Have you ever really sat and thought about why an Arnold Palmer is named, well, an Arnold Palmer? The newest short film about Arnold Palmer from Grantland reveals all. 

Will Arnett narrates why the pro golfer is really the only athlete to have a drink named after him. Palmer shares that he came up with the idea at home making iced tea with his wife. When he tried to order it at a restaurant — where the waitress, of course, had no idea what he was trying to order — a woman overheard him describe the drink and coined the term "the Arnold Palmer." 

Since then, Palmer has benefited enormously from the concoction; he sold the rights to the tea to Arizona Tea nearly 10 years ago, where the Arnold Palmer pulls in about $100 million in sales today. 

You can watch the 10-minute film on Grantland; but we'll give you what's clearly our favorite tidbit: Arnold Palmer ordering an Arnold Palmer on a SportsCenter commercial. Meta much?