A Historic Cocktail Tour of New Orleans

We tour 3 bars that take you back to old New Orleans
A Historic Cocktail Tour for New Orleans

We tour across New Orleans' French Quarter to stop and have a drink at some of the city's oldest establisments

New Orleans is a city for good times, great food, and often a lot of drinking. But amid that there is also a lot of history to this Southern city — including cocktail history. In this video we take you on a tour of three bars that boast proud histories.

The first, Napoleon House, gets its name from the original owners' desire to house Napoleon during his exile. That didn't work out, but they do make a mean Pimms Cup cocktail. The bar claims to sell the most Pimms in the United States.

The second stop on our tour is Antoine's, the oldest restaurant in America run continously by the same family. They have served presidents, popes and movie stars, but along the way they also became known for their cocktails. We recommend trying the Sidecar.


The last stop is The Court of Two Sisters, another old building teeming with history. It gets its name from the two sisters who ran a shop there in the 19th century. Today, you can pick up a Bayou Bash cocktail from this final stop!