Hip Halloween Playlist

What the cool kids will listen to at their Halloween party

Turn up these tunes for your Halloween Party!

Every Halloween party needs music. But if you have cocktails at your party and guests are showing up as sexy versions of food, chances are you need a more sophisticated sound. We all loved the "Monster Mash" as kids and couldn’t get enough of the soundtrack to A Nightmare Before Christmas, but do you really want to get down to a "graveyard smash" while you're trying to dominate in beer pong?

That is why we’ve come up with this awesome Halloween playlist that is the perfect blend of nostalgia and damn good tunes. How good is our playlist? Well, what if we told you that not only do we have a modern-day version of "Jack’s Lament" on here, but also have She & Him’s version of the Hocus Pocus remake  song "I Put a Spell on You"?

Of course, you can’t have a Halloween playlist without a few classics, so we also have a little "Thriller" and "Dragula" to keep the old heads at the party happy. Plus, have your ears tuned into some other Halloween gems like "Killer Queen" and "Paint It Black" — hey they are a little bit creepy if you think about it!

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Be sure to save our playlist for your party, and have a hauntingly hopping time!