Hill Country BBQ To Celebrate 6 Years With Blowout Bash On June 5

New York's Hill Country Barbecue Market, pitmaster Elizabeth Karmel's homage to the great barbecue joints of Texas' Hill Country, has been in business for six years now, and during that time the barbecue scene in New York City has gone from essentially zero to a contender for America's best barbecue city. To celebrate the amazing current state of barbecue in New York, the Hill Country gang will be throwing a party on June 5, and for just $40 you can join in the action.

Between the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., guests will have access to an open bar of Shiner drafts, margaritas, and wine, passed hors d'oeuvres including hot links in a blanket, pork belly bites, and oxtail tacos, and barbecue favorites including sausages, whole hog, and brisket.

When asked what the secret to Hill Country's success has been, Karmel knew right away: authenticity. "We took care to make it as real as possible, and to celebrate authentic Hill Country barbecue," she told us. "We import real brands from Texas, like sausages from Kreuz Market, to not only give people the full experience, but also transport them back home. A lot of barbecue places try to do all the regional styles. We just do one thing instead, and I think we do it really well."

As for why barbecue has taken such a firm hold in New York City, Karmel suggested that "it's a combination of the lifestyle, the culture, the community, and the history. It takes you back to your roots and leaves you delicious and satisfied." The fact that it's a food that's nearly impossible not to fall in love with also helps.

"Barbecue is celebrated all across the country, but in New York it's revered, celebrated, and really put on a pedestal," Karmel added. "And that's a great thing."

If you're interested in purchasing tickets to the event, you can find them here.