Hilarious Passover Matzah Gear

Who says this serious holiday has to be so solemn

Your guests will crack up over these inspired and unleavened decorations!

Sure, Passover is a serious holiday, a time for families to respect and honor the struggles of their people since passed. But it is also a time to spend with your family and friends being thankful for the blessings this year had to offer. To keep things level (or rather, unleavened) this holiday, we found a few hilarious matzah inspired decorative products that will make you laugh!

Let My People Go

Won’t your guests be surprised when they head into your restroom and discover this hilarious toilet seat cover!

Keep it Clean

For a funny and fashionable Seder hostess, gift them this adorable matzah apron to keep them clean while they braise the brisket!

Wash the Matzah

Your guests will gasp when they discover your dishwasher transformed into matzah! Don’t let them worry too long and reassure them that it is completely removable and reusable for next year’s Seder!