Hilarious 911 Calls About Fast Food

Sometimes awful things happen in life and we have to do something about it. However, the definition of "awful" these days seems to be a little far reaching. For you it could be something horrible happening to someone you love, for others, it is someone getting their fast food order wrong. Some people feel so passionately about it, they even call 911 to report the injustice. Take note, calling 911 for anything that isn't an actual emergency is highly illegal. These people however, don't seem to see how their wrong order of fries isn't a red alert emergency. Prepare to Have your faith in humanity destroyed...

Missing Orange Juice

These people dialed 911 because their orange juice was missing from their order. The dispatcher literally had no idea how to respond.

Western Draw

Seriously, these folks are about to have a shoot-out over wrong Western Burger from Burger King order.

Hashbrown Alert

A couple called 911 to dispute an order they made at a local McDonald's. They didn't get their hashbrowns and things got serious.