Hiker Survives 4 Days Without Food: What Food You Need To Survive

Hiker Victoria Grover was rescued from a Utah desert after being stranded for four days without food. The 59-year-old Maine woman broke her leg and was stranded in the wilderness, left to fend for herself while battling the early stages of hypothermia. After her rescue, Grove told reporters that during her ordeal, she dreamed of her favorite food: oranges. She said to the Associated Press, "But there are people who can go for weeks and weeks without food in this world. We have it easy in America."

The real question is, how to avoid a sticky situation like the one Grove found herself in? If you're planning a hiking or backpacking trip in the near future (it is camping weather, after all), we've rounded up backpacking tips and what food essentials to pack from Wild Backpacker and Trails.com.

• Don't skimp on the calories. You should pack about 3,000 to 4,000 calories per person, per day — that's about 1 to 2 pounds per person. Dehydrated foods can provide tasty meals while lightening the load.

• Carbs and fruits are your friends. Why? They provide an essential energy boost, crucial for long hikes and hungry nights. Pack some granola, energy bars, candy, and gorp.

• Get your daily value of protein, too. The amino acids are essential for metabolism, and therefore for producing your body's energy.

• Potato chips and greasy snacks aren't just good snacks; they're also fire-starters should you run out of matches — pack a few extra bags, just in case. 

• The ultimate survival food kit: beef jerky, nut mixes (unsalted), and PowerBars.