Highland Park

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  • Enter near Highland Blvd. and Jamaica Ave. and head to the best sledding slopes in Cypress Hills.
  • Highland Park is one of two NYC parks that have smaller 36-foot tennis courts for children. Bring the kids, and play nearby on one of the 10 newly refurbished adult courts for a great game.
  • For the best experice walk up to "upper highland" you also drive up there
  • This huge park encompasses parts of both Brooklyn and Queens, and is a great place to take the kids to play some tennis.
  • Great place to walk the dog.
  • Beautiful scenic views. It is a great place to BBQ... go bike riding... place volleyball or even conduct an outdoor yoga/meditation session. It is a very lovely family friendly park!
  • Can find a ton of hidden gems here like different reading spots, picnic areas, and beautiful scenery
  • porte des Lilas
  • Beautiful park. Make sure you visit the forest in the former reservoir and walk the trail.
  • Large open space, excellent for jogging. Basketball courts and soccer field see heavy use, but recently renovated tennis courts surprisingly empty most of the time.
  • It's an oasis within a busy city!
  • Bird watching, Walks.
  • Parking lot off Vermont; right off Jackie Robinson pkwy.
  • This will be my second favorite park besides Prospect :-)
  • Yeah its a nice place to walk and lose your dog lol.. I seen many people looking for there dog here.
  • Lol she sleeps in the park
  • Always keep a right watch on your children! Oh, pastalio lady is off da hook!

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