Highest-Calorie Energy Drinks

When our bodies lose energy, our minds start to shut down, and we need an energy boost, many of us reach for an energy drink. They're full of caffeine and other energy-boosters, such as taurine and guanine, that wake us up and keep us going for hours.

Highest-Calorie Energy Drinks (Slideshow)

But many energy drinks can contain hundreds of calories per can, which makes them flavorful but doesn't make them very healthy for you. Some brands, including Monster, NOS, and AMP, contain 200 to 300 calories in a can. But others, such as Crunk, can contain nearly 600 calories per can.

For many of us, an energy drink is our go-to source for a long-lasting energy boost, so it's important that we're aware of just how many empty calories we may be consuming. Take a look at what the highest-calorie energy drinks are.