High Tea At The Arizona Biltmore

Eighty-three years is quite a long time, so it's safe to say that if you've been doing something for 83 years in a row, you're a solid expert, right? Well then, say hello to an high tea expert, the Arizona Biltmore, where their High Tea is a time-honored and treasured tradition.

Each year, the hotel offers its classic High Tea, but keeps things refreshing by showcasing creative flavors and trends in the teas and sweets.

"Our guests this year are going to especially enjoy the special surprise menu each month of sweets that celebrate the season or a special holiday," said general manager David Kirken.

The hotel's very own tea sommelier, Kevin Doyle, brings his knowledge to the table, looping in each guest personally and schooling them on the menu by suggesting flavors and explaing the characteristics of different teas and the overall experience of High Tea.

This year's menu is looking pretty alluring. Here are a few star menu items:

• Truffled egg salad with bibb lettuce, on egg brioche
• Lobster-basil salad, in profiterole crisp
• Fossil Creek goat cheese truffle, with candied pistachios
• Queen Creek olive oil grilled vegetable and olive tapenade, in a zucchini cup
• Spiced pumpkin mousse swan
• Sweet potato pound cake
• Ginger rosemary brûlée

Some of their special teas:

• Black: Bombay chai, pomegranate blackberry, hazelnut truffle
• Green: green mango peach, cucumber mint
• White: ginger and pear, white ambrosia
• Herbal Infusions: African solstice, flora
• Biltmore Blends: sage, blueberry green tea

This menu begins Nov. 1 so make your reservations now.