Hidden Gem


Who would expect such a great little diner tucked under the 101 freeway in the building of a Best Western hotel? Nobody and let’s keep it that way or I won't be able to get a table here. This place is always busy and not because patrons enjoy driving into the back roads Hollywood for the scenery. Entering the restaurant is like stepping onto a confused time machine. The decor is retro but the jukebox in the corner plays the most recent indie rock. The wait staff is the oddest collection of people you could only find in a place like Hollywood.

I’ve tried over half of their menu and have never been disappointed. The French dip sandwich is big and messy and fantastically moist. Their mac and cheese is rich and dense if you’re feeling super indulgent. Their milkshakes vanish in front of me because I drink them so quickly. Brain freeze is an understatement  Nut n’ Honey is my favorite but  50/50 is really good as well. Who doesn’t like the taste of an orange creamsicle. But the best thing on their menu, the dish I have to get every time I visit 101 Coffee Shop, is the onion rings. Of all things right? But they must be laced with crack cocaine because I can't get enough of them. With most entrees on their menu priced around $10, you will leave full and still have a box of leftovers because their portions are so big.

Whether its lunch time or late night (open until 3 am), if you are ever in the area I would highly recommend 101 Coffee Shop.

6145 Franklin Ave (at Vista del Mar St)
Los Angeles, CA 90028
$ $