Waitress Fired For Getting Mammogram

A Pennsylvania waitress got some terrifying news from doctors recently when she discovered a lump in her breast that looked like it could be cancer. She says that even though her supervisors knew her situation, she was allegedly fired for leaving work to get a mammogram.

According to CBS News, Jamie Crytzer worked as a waitress at the Hickory Bar and Grille in Hermitage, Pennsylvania. After she discovered the lump, the understandably terrified waitress and single mom made an appointment for a mammogram as soon as possible, telling her managers about the cancer scare. Earlier this week, however, she got a call from her doctor saying that an appointment had opened up and she could get her mammogram sooner than expected. Crytzer jumped at the chance, and asked her manager if she could leave for an hour to go make sure she didn't have cancer. The manager, however, was not sympathetic.

"You're gonna do whatever you want and this is job abandonment," Crytzer says her manager told her.

Crytzer went for the mammogram, but says that when she returned to work the next day, she was told she was fired.

She says she was unsure if maybe she had made the wrong decision, so she posted about the situation on Facebook. Her story has since been shared over 2,000 times, and most commenters say they would have done just what she did.

Crytzer is reportedly still fired and looking for a job, but the bad news in this case pales in comparison with the good, because Crytzer's mammogram revealed that the lump in her breast was benign.