Here Is the Trailer to David Chang and Anthony Bourdain's PBS Show

Anthony Bourdain narrates and produces; Chang eats and cooks... a lot

Anthony Bourdain is just all over the place these days, even if he's not on-screen. The food personality has produced The Mind of the Chef, a new show on PBS. The first season's protagonist? David Chang of the Momofuku empire.

Bourdain's role? Producer and narrator. The team goes to Copenhagen, Japan, Kentucky, and Montreal, to name a few places, as Chang eats a lot of noodles and cooks up some delicious dishes. Also, he meets up with Aziz Ansari, Harold McGee, Ferran Adrià, René Redzepi, Wylie Dufresne, and more. How can we get in on this party? Also, where is James Murphy?

Bourdain promises that this show "feeds both the gut and the mind," so you can learn what inspires Chang and how he makes those insane pork buns and ramen. Watch the trailer below; the show premieres Nov. 9 on PBS. (Just another reason not to cut PBS and Big Bird, yes?)