Here Is Part 2 of the Invisible Driver Prank

Not as good as the first one, but still amusing

Magic of Rahat couldn't just let his Invisible Driver prank be, especially as his last stint through drive-thrus got more than 31 million views on YouTube. This second installment, utilizing the same driver/seat costume, provokes much of the same reactions. So it's fun, but not as great as the first. Sounds about right for a sequel.

There are the expected "Oh. My. God." repetitions, some non-cursing ("What the... frick") as well as logic taking center stage. "How they pushin' the car?" one girl asks.

Our favorite in this bunch? The smart aleck at 30 seconds in wearing a goofy red cap. "Interesting," she says, not sounding amused at all. "That's really cool. All right empty car can I have $1.43 please?" It sounds like she's already seen the trick.

Watch the full reel below, if only for the "Oh hell no! You lying!" There's also a nice twist at the end where Magic of Rahat does his best to freak the fast-food worker out. It doesn't work, but nice try.


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