Here Is A Nifty Infographic On Whiskey Flavors

Here's a study sheet for your next date: 18 flavors of whiskey, broken down into regions and types. Not only will this knowledge make you look sexy for the ladies (known fact: bourbon drinkers are usually hot), but it'll also get you exactly what you want. Feeling like a buttery, fruity, toffee-esque, and slightly sweet spirit? Go for an Irish blended whiskey.

Or do you prefer something smoky, grainy, and a little oaky? Tennessee whiskey. You'll find Canadian rye has a bit more biscuit and caramel notes, while American rye is a little bit more spicy. And if you're looking for something with a bit of bacon flavor (who isn't?) try a Scottish Islay.

Designer Sean Seidell is selling prints of these online, along with other handy flavorgraphics like flavor profiles of beer, cheese, and coffees. We imagine wine will be next, although he might have to split it up between reds and whites (and desserts, and ros├ęs, and sparkling wines).