Here Is an 'Honest' Coca-Cola Anti-Obesity Ad

YouTube took the controversial ad for a remix

While Coca-Cola released its anti-obesity ad earlier this week to up its own positive press, there's no way they could escape the Internet's criticism.

YouTube user John Pemberton presented this "honest" version of the anti-obesity ad, pointing out that although Coca-Cola does offer more diet and zero-calorie drinks, "these diet beverages still pose serious health risks." Pemberton's argument? Diet drinks can still cause kidney problems, obesity, metabolic  syndrome, cell damage, and rotting teeth. Yikes.

Pemberton voices all the criticism that's been surrounding this campaign in terms of how hypocritical Coca-Cola seems with the campaign; as a company that primarily sells soda, it was a shocker to see the company take on obesity.

Unfortunately, the video seems to focus too much on Coke as a product, instead of the soda industry in general. "If you drink Coke, you'll get fatter and fatter," a voiceover in this "honest" ad says. "The solution is simple and it's right in front of your eyes: Don't drink Coke."

Watch the entire remake below, especially to hear the sad/funny/true kicker: "Coca-Cola. We're partially responsible for America's obesity problem."