We Want This Gigantic 35,800-Calorie Bloomberg Cupcake

The soda-ban mayor is probably not too happy about this

Looks like Mayor Bloomberg is getting the honor of having his face on a cake, or rather, a gigantic cupcake.

To celebrate the opening of its first New York City location, House of Cupcakes baked a 35,800-calorie cupcake, to honor the mayor after the recently failed soda ban. Ouch.

The cupcake, shown below, weighs some 25 pounds and is made with 12 pounds of sugar, 5 pounds of butter, 4 pounds of flour, and 6 cups of cocoa powder. It is called, appropriately, The Mayor.

The Mayor premiered yesterday in New York City, and we can only hope that most of the cake is gone by now. The irony of having Mayor Bloomberg popping out of a gigantic cupcake, however, will probably last for a while. We wonder if Bloomberg will go after oversized sweets, next. We hope not; we know some pretty tempestuous cupcake lovers in New York City, otherwise known as Carries.

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