Here Is An Excellent 'Sweet Child O' Mine' Julia Child Mash-Up

It's no surprise that The Daily Meal staff has a thing for mash-ups (all the "Call Me Maybe" remixes are on constant repeat). Luckily, here is a food-themed Julia Child mash-up, celebrating the culinary legend who would've turned 100 this Aug. 15.

While Julia Child tributes have started (and will continue) rolling out on the Internet, this particular WBGH video pairs the French cooking queen with the Guns N Roses song "Sweet Child O' Mine." There are excellent moments and sayings from Child, such as, "We're having four vegetarians for dinner! I mean we're not going to eat them...," and "Julia Child presents the chicken sisters," as she lines up raw chickens by height.

Watch below as Child sets cakes on fire, beats dough with a roller, and talks about how "chic" a pork loin is. And for all you busy folks out there, it clocks in just under 1:30, a perfect refresher on Child's legend.


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