Here Are PETA's Sexiest Vegetarians Ever

Sex sells, and PETA turned it into a competition

Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door Zachary

PETA has always had a thing for using sex to sell their politics, and this time it's no different. In a competition of major eye candy, PETA has released the winners of their Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door for 2012.

The winners are 22-year-old Tiana Rae from California and Zachary from Brookyln, N.Y. And sure, Tiana Rae is pretty, but Zachary is just sporting boxers. A little about him, according to the web site: "Originally hailing from Portland, Oregon, and now calling Brooklyn 'home,' Zachary fuels his active lifestyle — which includes yoga, rock climbing, and biking — by loading up on delicious vegan foods."

Sorry girls, "his turn-ons include vegan men, compassion, authenticity, and a good sense of humor."

Luckily, there's another PETA contest for Cutest Vegetarian Alive, which you can vote on until they announce the winners June 4. None of the men, sadly, are shirtless.