Help Marina Abramović Create A Modern Day Warhol Factory For Performance Art

Iconic Serbian performance artist Marina Abramović has turned to Kickstarter to get her vision of the Marina Abramović Institute built and ready for opening. Known for her controversial and oftentimes dangerous performance pieces (in one she passively allowed an audience to inflict whatever pleasures or pain they chose), Abramović is completely dedicated to the preservation and presentation of long durational work. She hopes this new institute (MAI) will provide an open place to host a number of various workshops, lectures, and research, ultimately enabling society to open a dialogue about what art is and how it works alongside science, technology, and spirituality.

With 40 years of work behind her, Abramović's most recent piece was in 2010, titled The Artist Is Present, and was held at the Museum of Modern Art. For three months she sat across from complete strangers, experimenting with gaze and connection. More than 1,500 people came to stare into her eyes, with many having an emotional reaction (including Abramović herself). She attributes this experience to helping her realize society's need to connect with one another in person and the lack of spaces dedicated to such an alliance, eventually giving thought to an institute dedicated to long durational works (a performance lasting at least six hours) that can facilitate connection.