Hello 2014!! We Say Goodbye To the 9 Best and Worst Trends of 2013


Now that 2013 is behind us we can look back from a safe distance at the fashion trends we loved, tolerated, and prayed wouldn't follow us into 2014. With form-flattering midi skirts, fun cutouts and freakishly seasonally-resistant peplum tops, there’s something on this list we’ve all either adopted as our signature look or fallen victim to. And it’s not like it was entirely our fault—there was a point where it was almost impossible to find a top that didn’t have some type of leather accent or piping. But this year we’re updating our wardrobe with new colors, cuts and fabrics and leaving trends like wedge sneakers behind. Far, far behind. 

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Crop Tops: Okay, we have mixed feelings about the crop top. They can look so cool when done correctly or look like trashy 90s throwbacks when haphazardly styled. If you have the body for it, rock it. Nothing’s stopping you and there may be a limited time you can show off your six pack before we have to retire them to the back of our closets again. But it’s pretty clear they’re here to stay through 2014, since the S/S 2014 runways were filled with crops and cutouts.

Alexander McQueen Scallop Hem Crop Top is available at Nordstrom and priced at $1,160.

Photo Courtesy of Barney's

Wedge Sneakers: Let’s just address the elephant in the room right now. Seriously—how on earth did we just sit back and let these happen? We have seen some disastrous trends but this is just—no. Are you heading to a soccer game? Playing in one? And yes, as heels they do make your legs look longer, but all that work will have been for naught when your gams end in these ridiculous clunkers. We have our fingers (and our legs, toes and arms) crossed that in 2014 this style will go the way of the dodo bird, because we seriously do not want to see these again. Ever.

Giuseppe Zanotti Croc-Stamped Wedge Zip Sneakers are available at Barney’s and priced at $995.

Photo Courtesy of Net-A-Porter

Midi-Skirts: Rarely do we find a trend that’s actually as flattering as the midi-skirt. This throwback to more classic women styles can help make your hips look slimmer and depending on how much leg you show can also be elongating. The fuller midi may be starting to wind down in popularity, but the slender midi and pencil skirts are still out in full force. We’re loving the silhouette and excited to see where it will go in 2014.

Lela Rose Floral-print satin skirt is available at Net-A-Porter and priced at $1,595.

Photo Courtesy of Nordstom

Peplum: How over this are we? We have seen it season, after season, after season, and it doesn’t really change. Thankfully, there wasn’t much of this on the runway for S/S 2014 so maybe, finally this style will go away. And trust us when we say it’s not as flattering as you think. It’s a giant ruffle around your waist and hips. Think about it ladies—is that really the area we want to accentuate?

Jil Sander Pinstripe Peplum Vest is available at Nordstrom and priced at $740.

Photo Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Over-the-Knee Boots:  Be careful with this one. There is a very, very thin line between fashionable boots and hooker heels, but when done correctly this look is pure love. We’ve seen some amazing styles in 2013 and cannot wait to see what other thigh-high shoes we’ll be getting this next year. Just remember to go for a flat or shorter, chunkier heel to avoid looking like you moonlight at the Kitty Cat Lounge.

Jimmy Choo Georgina Stretch Leather Over-the-Knee Boot is available at Neiman Marcus and priced at $1,395.

Photo Courtesy of Shopbop

Baseball Caps: Why? Just—why? When were these ever cute on anyone? We don’t even like them on guys. Basically unless you are playing an actual game of baseball, these do not belong on your head. There are so many other hats out there—fedoras, berets, panama, beanies, bowlers—any of which would look better and less lazy than a baseball hat. And those leather covered and decorated caps are even more of a reason this trend totally strikes out.

Cast of Vices Leather Baseball Cap is available at Shopbop and priced at $176.

Photo Courtesy of Lane Crawford

Not Really A Clutch Clutches: We have to give credit where credit is due and the street-style girls totally came up with this one. Oh, your favorite bag isn’t a clutch? Well just fold or rumple that sucker up and stuff it under your arm. Voila! Instant clutch. Since we’re huge fans of this look we’re hoping it doesn’t go anywhere anytime soon—and even if we can’t get much in there it doesn’t stop us from wanting to sport one everywhere.

Chloé Baylee small shoulder bag is available at Lane Crawford and priced at $1,935.

Photo Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

High/Low Skirts and Dresses: This thing is officially the mullet of fashion—and we don't mean that in a trendy, throwback sort of way. It’s like you can’t quite make a decision on what you want to wear. Mini? Maxi? Apparently a split between the two was the perfect answer. While this trend has gone on season after season, it’s seemingly dying off (albeit more slowly than we would like) and thankfully will have no place in our closets this year.

Saint Laurent Strapless High-Low Dress is available at Neiman Marcus and priced at $5,999.

Photo Courtesy of Shopbop

Leather: While we’re kind of hoping leather accents will stop popping up on everything from shorts to tank tops, we can’t deny how much we love the luxury of an all-leather piece. Skirts, pants and jackets all look chicer and wear better when they have the weight and buttery softness of this amazing fabric. While this trend has been grabbing a foothold in fashion over the last few years, what we’re really loving for 2014 is leather in new, fun colors.

Alexander Wang Leather Dolman Sleeve Top is available at Shopbop and priced at $1,995.