Hearty Après Ski Snacks to Make at Home

6 easy, nutritious snacks to prepare after a day of skiing
Tips For a Weekend in Vail

Kelly Liken, of Restaurant Kelly Liken and Top Chef, gives her tips for a weekend in Vail


Pan-Fried Onion Dip

After a serious day of flying down the mountain, it's tempting to grab a pitcher of beer and some wings with your buddies to fill in the gap between lunch and dinner. After all, what could be easier than going to a bar in town or right off the slopes?

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A day or two of junk food après isn't going to kill you, but there are better ways to replenish your body's energy reserves and give it the high-quality protein and carbs it deserves, and you'll still be able to brag about how you finally went down that shady-looking trail off the backside to your fellow skiers. We're talking about making your own après ski snacks at home.

Think about it — assuming you're staying in a place with a kitchen, these options will leave you feeling lighter and your feeling wallet fatter. We'd say that's making a turn in the right direction. And these recipes are a snap to prepare with ingredients you'll be able to easily find in town. So what are you waiting for? We can hear your stomach rumbling.


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