Healthy Winter Dinner Ideas Slideshow

Low-Sodium Lentil Mushroom Gravy

If you’re one of those people who jumped on the brine-train this year, Foung strongly recommends getting off if you’re trying to keep a low-sodium diet. She recommends getting a moist bird by cooking it breast and skin side down, or by butterflying it and basting it regularly while roasting. To compensate for the missing flavors from the brine, bulk it up with low-sodium spices and dried herbs. Another trick is to loosen the skin from the meat before roasting.

For those who love dousing roast fowl with gravy, try Foung’s healthier approach with her simple lentil version. Even better, it accommodates those who are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarians as well. 

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Low-Sodium Beef Brisket

Braising meat is a great way to warm up your belly during cold winter months, but unfortunately it takes on a lot of sodium from the salty broths, soup mixes, ketchups, and canned tomatoes used to make it, says Foung. To overcome these woes, Foung recommends substituting the salty ingredients with strong spices, apricot jam, and a no-salt-added tomato purée. Even a kick of horseradish makes a powerful marinade that infuses the meat with the flavors you crave and keeps it moist during the hours of roasting. 

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Maple Syrup Pork Roast

A lot of people are huge fans of roast hams around the holiday season and winter months, but unfortunately hams contain upward of 35 percent of the daily sodium value. Foung suggests using a less salty cut of pork, such as a tenderloin or roast, and using your favorite ham glazes to get that desired taste. 

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'Potato' Pancakes

For many, winter equals potatoes when it comes to meals. Whether paired with a stew, chili, or roast, they’re the perfect accompaniment and just what one craves when it’s chilly outside. Foung takes a healthier approach with her potatoes by doing a riff on a holiday favorite: latkes. For her "potato" dish, she uses shredded carrots and parsnips to create a replica of the potato pancake and adds seasonings to boost the flavor. 

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Curry Couscous 'Caviar'

Caviar is a decadent yet popular condiment served during the winter and at parties — and it’s pretty high in salt, too. One tablespoon of caviar can have more than 240 milligrams of sodium, so Foung suggests a fun, low-sodium twist for all of you pleasure seekers with her curry couscous caviar

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